• Medical practitioners are aware of the importance of continuously monitoring core body temperature and its key role in determining patients’ outcomes; however due to challenges with traditional methods, its implementation was severely limited.
  • Temple Touch ProTM (TTPTM) is a non-invasive thermometry system, which measures core temperature continuously transmitting real-time data to any the patient monitor. The system is clinically proven accurate and reliable compared to gold standard invasive probes, and is FDA, CE, and PMDA approved.
  • Medisim is seeking partnerships with leading distributors to accelerate access to its technology.

For core temperature measurement, hospitals traditionally used various disposable/reusable invasive probes (such as Swan- Ganz pulmonary, esophageal, urinary and rectal), which may be prone to infections, and in many cases not used due to being troublesome to apply; inaccurate; uncomfortable for the patient; prohibitively expensive; non-continuous; or only applicable to fully anesthetized patients.

TTP™ eliminates the need for invasive temperature probes and offers hospitals a reliable and convenient solution, which is safe and affordable.

It is especially crucial in clinical settings such as in the Operating Room, Post-Anesthesia Care Unit and Intensive Care Units, and any other medical department where there is a necessity to continuously monitor core body temperature.

Non-Invasive core temperature monitoring for early detection of Sepsis

Sepsis is a leading cause of death and hospital re-admission and a major challenge in the Intensive Care Unit. Early sepsis detection is key – each hour of delay in diagnosis and treatment increases the risk for mortality. Existing sepsis diagnosis is lengthy and would benefit from continuous temperature measurements and data analysis tool.

TTP™ is currently being evaluated in a clinical trial “Non-Invasive core temperature monitoring as a measure for early detection of fever related infections”, conducted at Hadassah Ein Kerem University Medical Center by The Research Fund of Hadassah Medical Organization and under the supervision of Prof Vernon Van Heerden,  Head of Critical Care Medicine Unit, as the principal investigator of this clinical trial, and Dr. Magde AL-Barade, from Hadassah Ein Kerem University Medical Center. The study is in line with a predicate study in Boston “Body temperature patterns as a predictor of sepsis in ICU  patients”, by Anne M Drewry, Brian M Fuller, Thomas C Bailey, Richard S Hotchkiss, 2013, Critical Care, which showed that abnormal body temperature curves and patterns were predictive of the diagnosis of sepsis in afebrile critically ill patients. Analysis of temperature patterns, rather than absolute values, may facilitate decreased time to antimicrobial therapy.

About Medisim

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