Clinically Proven

TTP™ was tested in a clinical study at the Wolfson Medical Center, Holon, which included 152 patients and 4307 data pairs. In the study, TTP™ was found to offer a high level of accuracy, and to track and reflect changes in body temperature even faster than reference invasive probes.


TTP™’s accuracy has been clinically proven, with an estimated correlation of 0.91 and 95% LOA of -0.532°C to 0.602°C as compared to core temperatures taken by gold standard invasive probes such as distal esophageal or nasopharyngeal devices.


TTP™ does not use any invasive probes – just a disposable sensor placed on the patient’s forehead that remains in use throughout the perioperative journey. This releases caregivers from the hassle of installing probes and enables the system to be used even with alert patients who cannot tolerate invasive instruments.


TTP™ enables continuous temperature monitoring throughout diverse clinical settings, from the operating room to post anesthesia care and recovery units as well as intensive care units. It can be used with conscious patients, as well as with any type of anesthesia. The sensor simply stays on the patient, allowing caregivers to conveniently manage varying patient’s warming protocols without switching between multiple temperature monitoring systems. Standardizing temperature monitoring with a single system helps improve consistency, reduces errors and prevents the hassle of purchasing, carrying and using multiple products.

Comfort and Ease

TTP™ offers comfort to both the patient and caregiver, providing accurate measurements within minutes after a quick adjustment of the sensor to the patient forehead, with no complex, uncomfortable or invasive procedures.