TTP™ is a perioperative temperature monitoring system, designed to be used continuously and accompany the patient throughout all stages of the clinical journey. It can be used in any hospital setting, from the operating room to the recovery room, intensive care unit, cardiology units, stepdown unit or ward, post-transplant and other departments where continuous temperature monitoring is required.

Using a single system through the entire process streamlines the caregiver’s tasks, eliminating the need to replace the temperature monitoring system whenever the patient is transported to the next clinical stage. The patient’s temperature is always displayed, within moments after the sensor is placed on the patient’s forehead, enabling clinicians to monitor and regulate the core temperature at any time and ensuring a high degree of safety and care.

The use of one temperature monitoring system ensures accuracy, consistency and eliminates errors. Previously, non-invasive systems were not as accurate as invasive probes, but TTP™’s revolutionary technology offers clinically proven accuracy, and even faster temperature calculations than invasive probes.

TTP™ also ensures full comfort for the patient, minimizing disturbances as the sensor unit remains attached to the patient’s forehead throughout the entire process. As a non-invasive system, it can remain in place at all times, when the patient is fully conscious or under anesthesia, and is suitable for use with any anesthesia type.

TTP™ is the temperature monitoring technology of the future – a comprehensive solution that operates seamlessly throughout the perioperative process.