TTP technology addresses the need to continuously monitor the patient’s core temperature throughout the clinical journey in the hospital. TTP provides caregivers with an advanced, seamless solution for continuous temperature monitoring with all-round comfort.

Based on an advanced software algorithm, TTP™ utilizes multiple local temperature and heat flow readings to swiftly calculate the patient’s core temperature. The core temperature, which is based on the temperature of the blood flowing in the pulmonary artery, is closely correlated to the temperature and heat flow on the skin above the temporal artery, which TTP™ derives from thermal magnitudes measured above temporal artery.

TTP’s advanced sensor measures the local temperature and heat flow at multiple points from the temporal artery to the skin surface.

Its algorithm then performs instantaneous calculations and transmits the data to the Vital Signs Monitor.

The sensor remains on the patient’s forehead, continuously transmitting the core temperature data to the Vital Signs monitor, allowing caregivers to view the temperature at any given moment to ensure that no hazardous effect such as hypothermia is taking place.