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TTP™ is an accurate, non-invasive, perioperative core temperature monitoring system. Using sophisticated software algorithms, TTP™ harnesses temporal artery (TA) blood flow characteristics to derive the patient’s core temperature, which is the temperature of the blood flowing in the pulmonary artery.

TTP™ comprises a Sensor Unit (SU) and a Monitor Connecting Unit (MCU). The SU is a disposable unit which measures heat flux at multiple points and is placed on the patient’s temple from surgery prep until the patient’s release from PACU. The MCU receives data from the sensor, calculates the patient’s core temperature and transmits it to the vital signs monitor (VSM).

The TTP™ Sensor Unit (SU)

The SU is a non-sterile, disposable sensory unit which is placed on the patient’s temple from the initial stages of medical care, such as surgery preparation, and remains in place until it is no longer required to monitor the patient’s core temperature.

As a disposable sensor, it helps eliminate cross-contamination and resulting nosocomial infections. The SU comprises a temperature sensor module, a bio compatible adhesive layer and two isolation layers in between for minimizing ambient effects.

The TTP™ Monitor Connecting Unit (MCU)

The MCU is connected to the power supply and displays operation feedback through the MCU LEDs and the SCU LED. The MCU is available in two models – with and without an LCD.